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Breathwork with Lauren Tancredi

Saturday, January 6, 2018 ~ 2:30-4:00pm

Breathwork with Lauren Tancredi

Breathwork is an powerful opportunity to grow and expand in a safe and supportive environment. This practice invites us to open all of our energy centers, to blossom open to the incredible possibilities that lie before us. Exploring all aspects of ourselves, working through the laughter and tears, anger and fear to touch the beauty that resides deep inside each of us. Together we open ourselves to new insights as we approach our practice with humility.

What is Breathwork? Prepare to be lit from within as we journey together through ceremonial breathwork. Using the breath to unlock stuck energy and other stresses stored in the body, allowing one to tune into their own healing needs and abilities while rediscovering your truth. With this simple pranayama practice participants may experience: * Ability to manifest greater abundance * Deep healing of wounds, grief and traumas * Accesses expanded states of consciousness, higher guidance & clarity * Transcend the mind and emotions * Uproot undigested emotions & memories * Massive stress relief and deep relaxation * Supports the awakening to the truth of who you really are * Access greater self-love and more loving relationships * Rediscover Emotional Balance * Relief from physical pain

No experience with Breathwork or meditation is necessary.
All over the age of 12 are welcome.
Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pen, paper and eye cover.

Prema members may use class packages

Nonmembers: $20 in advance; $25 day of


Qi Gong with Nancy Shriver-Dyer

Saturday, January 20, 2018 ~ 2:30-4:00pm



Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. The word Qigong (Chi Kung) is made up of two Chinese words. Qi is pronounced chee and is usually translated to mean the life force or vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe. Join us as we explore this beautiful, ancient Chinese art.

Donation based class.  Prema yoga members may use class packages


Yoga with Philosophy – Niyamas with Alexis Shahin

Saturday, January 27, 2018 ~ 2:30-4:00pm

New Niyamas workshop

Yoga: Asana and Niyamas with Alexis Shahin
Yoga is so much more than poses! In this workshop we’ll discuss the 8 limbs of yoga, and then dive a little deeper into the niyamas. You’ll learn what the five niyamas are and how to creatively practice each one. We’ll also practice gentle yoga poses to prepare the body and mind for breath work and meditation.
Prema members may use class packages
non-members priced as a single class ($18)

Healing Sound Bath with Torkom Ji

Saturday, January 27, 2018 ~ 7:00-8:30pm


Featuring Torkom’s signature ambient electronic soundscapes and grooves, he creates a space of wonder and bliss, riding the edge of sound meditation and innovative spiritual electro-acoustic music.

Sessions begin with setting intentions, breathwork and toning to warm-up the body. The meditation typically lasts from 45min – 1 hour with time left for grounding and feedback at the end. Participants are invited to lay on the floor during the experience. Bring mats, pillows, blankets and eye masks for extra comfort.


TORKOM JI is a master sound healer and sonic architect from Los Angeles. He has been facilitating group sound healing experiences since 2012 and has provided deep meditation and rejuvenation for thousands of people using his unique and powerful modality. Birthed from his studies of music, vibration, energy and the practice of meditation and martial arts, Torkom has mastered and perfected a system that is known to put people in very deep states of consciousness. Using a synthesizer in 432hz tuning, Torkom weaves sound waves and harmonics live, using his one-of-a-kind system, Quantum Harmonix, a sound-based healing technology using live synthesis, 432Hz pitch, and sacred mathematics.



Shadow Yoga with Cindi Lee

Saturday, February 3, 2018 ~ 2;30-4:00pm


Shadow Yoga Basics Workshop

For all levels.
Experience the art of harmonizing the five layers of our being: the physical, energetic, emotional, wisdom, and spirit bodies. 
Shadow Yoga, founded by Shandor Remete, is a unique hatha yoga system that utilizes three Standing Prelude Forms, rhythmic breathing, bandhas (energetic locks), and the system of marma (trigger points).
The Shadow Yoga Basic workshop introduces the basic practice and principles of Shadow Yoga, including:
  • Energetic anatomy
  • Joint Chalan (joint warm ups)
  • Jiva Chalana (churning go the inner self)
  • Basic Shadow Yoga Standing postures
  • Uddiyana bandha (navel lock) to bring awareness to the core, train breath control, promote blood/lymph circulation, build inner heat, and tone the organs and brain.
  • Floor asana 
Shadow Yoga is designed to stroke your inner fire for mediation, healing and living your path.
Priced as a regular class
Prema Yoga members may use class packages 

Gong Sound Bath with Lahila Oppenheimer

Saturday, February 10, 2018 ~ 6:00-7:30pm

09 Prema Yoga, 02.10.2018 GongSoundBath JPG

Dear Friends,
You are warmly invited to participate in this powerful but gentle energy adjustment using the high frequency sound-current of the Gong. The Gong is not an instrument, it is a highly vibrational tool that overwrites imprints and patterns and aligns you with your Essential Truth. In that very moment tremendous Healing & Transformation happens. Expect Miracle Manifestations!!! Everybody Welcome! Please wear comfortable clothes

About the teacher, Lahila Oppenheimer:
Lahila Oppenheimer is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1 and 2. To this day Lahila counsels and guides people in her successful private practice for over 25 years around the world. With great compassion and dedication Lahila seeks to uplift and transform those around her who desire personal transformation and well-being. Her positive signature teaching style is encouraging, educating, empowering, and highly motivational. Based on yoga student observation over the years Lahila believes that through regular consistent kundalini-yoga and the application of “prana” life force (breath work), “energy” (physical exercises), “mudras” (energy seals), and “mantras” (sound currents) – consciousness expands and therefore greater balance, more clarity, improved health, and eventually a more positive, purposeful, happy and more fulfilled life is achieved. Improvement can be created from wherever one stands no matter how challenging the conditions. It is Lahila’s life mission to transform, uplift, elevate, heal, and align every person who participates in her classes with his/her greatest potential. Her goal is to guide individuals with tools and knowledge to become fully aware, to be on purpose with life, to create fulfillment, prosperity, and success – and to live the highest happiest life quality possible. “Keep Up And You Will Be Kept Up”



Wine and Yoga

Saturday,  2:30-4:00pm


First we yoga then we wine :) Join us for a gentle and relaxing hour of yoga followed by a glass of wine, light snacks and awesome company. This is a monthly class, part of our Saturday afternoon rotation and will have a different teacher every month. Priced as a regular class. Donations of wine or cash for the cause are most appreciated but not required. Don’t worry, any wine we don’t drink we’ll use next month! Signing up in advance is also appreciated but not required :) This is gonna be so fun!

Priced as a regular class; Prema members may use class packages


To register, click here or the workshop image to be redirected to Mindbody and compete the registration process.  Or register in person at the studio.