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Prema Yoga Pricing 


New Student Special!!  14 days of unlimited yoga for $29

Single class $18

5 class monthly $60 (1 month expiration)

5 class package $70*

10 class package $130*

15 class package $180*

20 class package $220*

30 class package $300*

monthly unlimited $108

Six months unlimited $570

Yearly unlimited $1008

*class packages have a one year expiration

To purchase classes please click the link:

Buy Classes Here


Please inquire about private instruction rates.


15 thoughts on “Pricing

  1. Good afternoon,
    I am currently 6 weeks pregnant, and I am looking for a yoga class in Granada hills during the week. Do you think I can join in on a flow class, and it will still be ok form my pregnancy. I have only ever practiced Bikram. however I am not sure the heat would be best for the baby and I right now.
    Thank you
    Stephanie Jones

    • hi Stephanie,
      congratulations!! Yeah, I think you’d be fine in a flow class, especially since you’ve been practicing yoga. Just let the teacher know you’re pregnant so she can give you any necessary adjustments or modifications.
      Best, Christine

  2. Hi I actually bought 20 and it expires soon, but I am on North Hills West Neighborhood council and was hard to get all 20 done. Can I extend the time? I have attended 5 classes?

    • Hi Kreshell, I’ll give you an extension on your Groupon so you have more time to use the classes. If you still have classes left when they expire again I can prorate the remaining classes and give you a credit you can use towards a regular priced package.
      Best, Christine

  3. I paid for the new student special and was wondering what day the 14 days starts? Also, I only managed to actually sign up for one class and cant sort out how to do more without paying more. Do I just show up or do I have to sign up ahead of time?

    • The 14 days starts when you take your first class. you don’t need to sign up in advance – all the classes are drop in. If you’re still having trouble please send me an email:
      thats a much more effective form of communication for me and I can help you much faster.

  4. What is the Sunday evening donation class mean? Does my groupon give me free entry to it as one class? Or is there an additional charge? Thx

  5. Hi,

    I’m an older male out of shape and used to do some yoga 20 odd years ago before it was a big thing.. I live right up the street from you guys so I’m thinking of starting again.. Had some back surgery years ago but it shouldn’t effect any thing…

    Guess my question is are all classes coed ? Do you have a beginner classes?

    Thanks –

    • Hi Mark, Yes we do have beginner classes and they are all coed. I would suggest starting with Level one or anything that says restorative or gentle or something along those lines. you can always level up from there. Let me know if you have any other questions :)

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