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  1. I bought a Groupon some months back, it expired in May. I haven’t used it at all. I was wondering if I could still use it. I had purchased 10 classes.

    • Yes! Actually the current class may just move to Wednesday but we are adding a second space and part of that will be a couple more kids classes :) Stay tuned!

  2. I am trying to schedule the 5:30pm class on Thursday Oct. 5th, but it’s requiring me to purchase a package. However I have a groupon voucher, will I be able to attend the class if I don’t finalize a purchase?

    Please advise.
    Delia Martin

    • I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing your message… you’ll need to bring the voucher with you into the studio, then we can redeem it and put the classes in your account. Pick a class (again – sorry) and just come a few minutes early. we’ll get everything taken care of.

  3. Will you be offering discounted pricing for 6 month or multiple classes when the new studio opens or at the start of the year? If I have bought a groupon in the past, can I purchase another one?

  4. Hi, I was going to classes for a little while but let work and other things become a priority. I’d like to start coming back starting tonight at the 6 pm class and I was wondering if I have any classes left from when I was coming before. I’m sure I didn’t use all of them.
    Thank you,

      • Hi Jim! I just checked your account and you did have some classes left. They expired a year ago and I see that you did get more classes… I’m going to add the ten classes you had left to the new package of classes you just bought. Welcome back! We have lots of new classes and a whole expanded schedule starting this Saturday – be sure to check the schedule for all the new additions :)

  5. Hello!
    I was wondering if you could send the address of the new studio. I’m interested in trying the TRX class on Saturday!
    Will our normal class packages work for the new studio as well?

  6. I attend the Tuesday and Thursday classes at 5:30, I could not attend last Thursday due to the fact that I cracked a rib. I don’t believe I will be able to attend this year either. I have 3 classes left and an expiration date of Nov. 22. Is it possible to extend the cancellation date for a couple more weeks. I intend to buy a package after my classes expire. I have tired other studios and I have found my home in yours. Thank you for your consideration!

  7. Hi, Two things I’m confused about on your December schedule:
    -Is Torkum Ji from 5-6:30 or 6-7:30 on Dec 30? Both times are listed
    – What date in Dec is QiGong?


    • Sorry for the confusion! the sound bath is at 5:00pm on jan 30, and we didn’t have QiGong this month but we’ll be back with it in January. I’m confirming the January Saturday schedule and then I’ll get it up asap :)

  8. Which class would be best for an intermediate student. 68 years of age, work out, do pilates and yoga. Studied and practiced since I was 27 years of age. Had all kinds of teachers. Do not prefer Kundalini unless I had the wrong teacher.
    Thx for your recommendation. Looking for a class between Thurs and Saturday this week.

    • If you want to work some, you can do the 9am Level 2 tomorrow morning at 9am or tomorrow evening there’s classes at 5:30 or 8:30, yogalates on Friday at 12:15pm or Kellie’s 4:15 class also on Friday. Saturday there’s the 9am class as well as 11am TRX Yoga. If you want something easier there’s all sorts of level one, gentle and restorative to choose from on all those days. Check out the schedule page for details on all that.

  9. My name is Irina, this year I decided to try Yoga as part of my New Year Resolution, however I do not know which class is right for me. My goals are to possibly tone, loose about 7 lb and to be able to deal with stress. I would really appreciate if you will help me with that because I have no idea what to choose. Also I bought classes on groupon as well , do I have to reserve classes on your website? Thank you .

  10. I am looking for a restorative class but work during the week. Will you be offering any of these classes either on the weekends or evenings?
    Thank you

    • Hi Carrie,
      We have restorative classes on Friday and Sunday evenings as well as Yin on Sunday morning. Tuesday and Thursday at 6:15pm Liz teaches a super sweet class that isn’t technically restorative but its really nice and low key. Also Monday and Wednesday evenings Barbara has a restorative type class at 7:50pm. Lots of good options for you :) Check out the schedule page for the full list.

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